Is Your Child Ready For Preschool?

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Applying to the right preschool will help your child not only improve their learning skills, but their social interaction, communication skills, creative abilities and more. But is your child actually ready to take that big step to enter a preschool? There are few things you will need to consider before getting them enrolled – spending more time with your child will also help you make a decision too.

Why Do You Want To Enroll Your Child?

This might seem like a simple question. You might want to start their learning at an early age or help them develop their communication skills – it is common for parents to want the best for their children. While developing early can be a good thing, some children will need more time to adjust themselves to new changes. You can even help them with reading, starting a new routine and doing helpful educational exercises at home before getting them enrolled. 

How is your Child’s Health and Stamina?

Being at a montessori preschool Auckland all day will require a change in routine and more activities when it comes to learning, art and play. Most centres generally include nap time as part of the routine for younger children – but if your child needs a longer nap time or is still getting into a routine, you can help them adjust by creating some structure at home before starting preschool. If there are health issues that can affect their daily activities, it is important to find a preschool that has a great reputation with children who might need extra attention due to health reasons.

Observing Your Child’s Behaviour

During play activities get them engaged in interesting educational games, toys or puzzles and observe their learning speed or capacity. Don’t worry about getting a perfect picture – after all, the main goal of attending an early learning centre or kindergarten is to develop their skills and abilities. During play dates, notice how your child interacts with other children and how they respond in group activities – this might feel like a lot to take in for a parent, but don’t put pressure on yourself.

Is Your Child Emotionally Ready?

It is very common for most children to get uncomfortable when they are apart from their parents for long periods of time. But young children are also very receptive and will slowly adjust to their environment. Don’t worry if your child starts crying or gets annoyed within the first week, it is very common for them to find a new environment overwhelming. However, if they seem really distraught, it might be better to wait until they are ready.